Execution of projects based on a set of rights, means, resources and practices that give the person the possibility to actively participate in the life and government of his people, considering that the rights and duties of a citizen must always go together, one since the right to necessarily implies an obligation of every citizen.


Project Empowering the Promotion, Protection and Defense Networks Rights of the Elderly It is an initiative of the Ovídio Machado Institute, and aims to develop actions aimed at the promotion, protection and defense of the rights of the elderly through the realization of interinstitutional mobilization and articulation that allow the engagement of the elderly and partners in all phases of the Project’s execution; educational and media campaigns to raise awareness among the general public and focus groups, through the free and orderly distribution of educational, formative and informative graphic material on rights and facilitating access to constitutional guarantees, favoring clarifications on topics related to the rights of the elderly