Performance Strategy

The Institute’s action strategies are the commitment to the well-being, execution and social and human development in a local, integrated and sustainable way, by the populations. (without contingency)

To achieve these objectives, guarantee the efficiency and continuity of actions, it excelled in a set of guidelines that continually anchor its strategies: Excellence in the development of work, valorization of institutional alliances, ethics, acting with transparency and respect for society, the environment , diversity and development, integrated and sustainable.

The Institute is able and qualified for the development of studies, research and services in the areas of public policies, respecting differences, customs and cultures, through partnerships with the most diverse institutions, whether public, private or from the third sector. , national or international.

Areas of activity of the Institute

INSTITUTO OVÍDIO MACHADO operates on several fronts based on the pillars of education, health, citizenship, research, environment and quality of life.

Action Fronts

  • Elaborate, execute and / or make feasible projects based on public policies, research and social assistance, education, health, citizenship and environment actions for social and human development in a strategic and sustainable way;
  • Promote actions of culture, defense and preservation of the public, artistic and landscape heritage of the cities;
  • Promote actions for maintenance, restoration, conservation and revitalization of the Environment and the Urban Landscape, considered of relevant cultural value or of interest to preservation for the communities of the cities;
  • Conduct studies and research, develop alternative technologies, produce and disseminate technical and scientific information and knowledge produced and (or) renewed;
  • Promote a professional qualification and training program aimed at adapting to the job market that satisfies the interests of the region;
  • Promote assistance programs for the needy elderly, children and adolescents, through preventive and curative public health social actions and legal assistance;
  • Conduct or develop studies, research, analysis, consultancy, diagnostics, plans and reports on specific subjects in the area of ​​Public Policies (Education, Health, Culture, Labor Market), Human Rights and integrated and sustainable development;
  • Organize training, training, competitions, selective and events (workshops, congresses, audiences, conferences, lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, debate cycles) for public and private organizations in several areas.
  • Promote the re-socialization of prisoners through social integration and re-education actions.